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Ambush pen in Jiang San

Ambush pen in Jiang San province praises Gaoer as “model for young people”


The father and son of Jiang Sanxing (right) and Jiang Rongzong (left) met with Gao Xuan in the background of the performance. Photo / JMS Jiangsan Provincial Music Company …

Jiang Sanxian and Jiang Rongzong’s father and son met Gao Xuan in the background of the performance a few days ago and saw the interaction between Gao Xuan and his mother. It’s a good example. It’s a good example for today’s young people. I look forward to inviting Gao Xuan to cooperate with his son Jiang Rongzong, so that they will have a new musical spark.


Jiang Rongzong (left) expressed interest in Gao Xuan’s music. Photo courtesy of JMS Jiangsan Provincial Music Company

Jiang Rongzong and Gao Xuan were similar in age. Although they were a bit shy at the first meeting, Jiang Rongzong took the initiative to open the conversation box and stated that when he was studying for a master’s degree in music at USC, he greatly appreciated Gao Xuan’s music and made Gao Xuan a little shy. The two’s music fields are very different. Jiang San Province hopes that his son can contact Gao Xuan more. He foretells that there are many plans to open this year, laying a foundation for future cooperation for both parties.

The 22-year-old rookie Gao Xuan announced his popularity this year and was awarded the South Korean MAMA Best Asian Newcomer Award. However, there were various pressures in the fame process, which made him difficult to bear. Last month, he attended the event and admitted that he was stuck, and he was working hard to move forward. On the 15th, he released a new song “No Name” without warning. He posted a post on IG saying “Farewell”, and his condition was worrying. Many fans commented for him.

His debut album “#osnrap” was released in May, and a song “Without You” won the runner-up of the KKBOX Chinese Singles of the Year, and arranged 3 seats in the top 10. He performed constantly along the way, but as the momentum became higher and higher, but step by step due to inadequacy, he frankly said: “Because of the attention received by many people, more responsibilities and more pressure.”

He used the new song “No Name” to express his mood. His vision is that he is surrounded by many cameras. The lyrics are “Illness Inside”, “The original sense of achievement has deteriorated and deteriorated”, “But I know why there are so many “Artists are sick”, “I only hope that life can be simpler”, “want to wait until that day, the circle can be more tolerant and less misunderstood”, etc., all showing his cowardice, helplessness, and lack of outsiders and sour people Inclusive current situation. After the song was launched, it immediately became a hot topic. Compared to his “No Name” work, which released the same song title 2 years ago, we can see the difference in mood before and after the popularity. nice music.

Gaoer announced the new song “No Name” without warning. Photo / Excerpted by IGGaoer Xuan is loved by young people, so the pressure on them is multiplied. Photo by Tao Shan Music

Do you really want to say goodbye to the music scene? He said through his “Taoshan Music”: “In fact, I don’t often share my stress and emotions with others, so I write my feelings during this time in the lyrics, and use this song to say goodbye to 2019 at the end of the year. At the same time, he also hopes that he can say goodbye to negative emotions as soon as possible so that he can be better next year. “He worked hard to get out of the haze and planned to recharge his family abroad for the Spring Festival next year after singing the scheduled tail teeth activity, and write a new album by the way song.

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