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Discussion on exam: These tips received
Discussion on exam: These tips received

These Tips Received By Students

Discussion on exam: These tips received by students and parents in PM Modi’s class

Discussion on exam: These tips received
Discussion on exam: These tips received

PM Modi enthused the children by referring to ISRO’s Chandrayaan mission, cricketer Rahul Dravid-VVS Laxman’s historic innings and Anil Kumble’s injury.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave many tips to the students in the third edition of ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’. He encouraged the children by referring to ISRO’s Chandrayaan Mission, cricketers Rahul Dravid and Anil Kumble’s continuation of the game despite injuries. In his session, the Prime Minister answered the students’ questions in an affirmative manner. Read important tips of PM Modi

We can also learn success in failures. In every endeavor, we can be enthusiastic and if you have failed in something, then it means that you are now moving towards success. Knowingly, we have started in that direction in which the main point of success-failure has become the mark of some special examinations.
Life is not just the exam score. No single exam is a complete life. This is an important stop. But this is everything, it should not be believed. I will also urge parents not to talk to children in such a way that examination is everything.
Not doing co-curricular activities can make you like a robot. You can change this. Yes, this will require better time management. There are many opportunities today and I hope that the youth will use them.
You spend with your mother, father, grandfather, grandmother by reducing 10 percent of the time that the smartphone steals your time. Technology should pull us, we should stay away from it. There should be a feeling in us that I will use technology on my own free will.
Can we decide that when there are 75 years of independence in 2022, whatever me and my family buy, they will buy Make in India only. Tell me whether it will be duty or not, it will benefit the country and the economy of the country will get strength.
I do not want to put any pressure on any family, nor do I want to spoil any child. Just as the steel spring becomes more stringy then it becomes a wire, similarly parents and teachers should also think about the capacity of the child.
I would say to the parents that the children have grown up, accept it, but when the children were 2-3 years old, then always keep the feeling of helping them inside you alive. Children should always be motivated to move in the right path of their interest.
The more you encourage the child, the more results you will get and the more pressure you will put on your problems. Now these parents and teachers have to decide what to choose.
It is possible that if you wake up in the morning and read, then you will be completely fit with your mind and mind. But everyone has their own specialty, so study at the same time you are comfortable in the morning or evening. If we live life in harmony with nature, then nature itself will help in taking you forward. That is why, in the choice of time and circumstance, we should find time suited to nature.

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